Hamza Cemetery

Everyone will taste death

Hamza cemetery is an Islamic cemetery and it has received approval to build a funeral complex in accordance with Muslim traditions.

Funeral Services in Hamza Cemetery

Funeral ceremony

The Hamza Cemetery provides Islamic burial services, including body transportation, purification (ghusul), and shroud wrapping (attakfine) All procedures adhere to Muslim and Quranic laws

Islamic traditions

We ensures that the burial of the deceased is carried out in strict accordance with Islamic traditions, offering a respectful and culturally appropriate farewell for families in line with the Muslim faith

Guide bereaved family

The Foundation is dedicated to assisting the deceased's family and relatives with the registration process at the Quebec Civil Status and providing support and spiritual comfort to the grieving family members

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Nestled in the serene grounds, Hamza Cemetery stands as a timeless tribute to our departed loved ones. Established in 1993, our cemetery has been a place of solace, reflection, and remembrance for generations

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Hamza Cemetery

Pre-Planning Your Arrangements

At Hamza Cemetery, we understand the importance of pre-planning your burial arrangements. We offer individuals and families the opportunity to make these important decisions in advance, providing peace of mind for the future

Our Pre-Planning Services
Choice of burial plot locations
Payment options and plans
Memorial customization

Support Our Mission

By volunteering, you directly contribute to our mission of providing a peaceful and respectful final resting place for those who have passed on.